About Aikido

Aikido is practiced by people of all ages, from all walks of life around the world. Emerald City Aikido offers a variety of classes for children and adults, tailored to the needs of both the new student and experienced practitioners. 

Benefits of Training

A philosophy with a physical expression, training opens up a new way to deal with stress and conflict. Students learn to:

  • Respond rather than react

  • Lead the opposition to achieve win-win results

  • Effectively deal with opposing views, criticism or authority

  • Stay present in stressful situations

Mind Body Harmony

Aikido training restores harmony to the imbalance created by the stress and activities of daily living. The physical practice emphasizes muscular symmetry and uses body weight as natural resistance. The workout is continuous, developing both aerobic and anaerobic activity. As the physical body gains strength and flexibility so do the mental and emotional realms leading to:

  • Increased physical and emotional resilience

  • Improved posture and balance

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Improved fitness, stamina, balance, flexibility and coordination

  • Increased self-awareness and self-knowledge

Protection of Self and Others

Fostering a win-win philosophy, self defense is implied in the practice. The ability to focus and be clear in any situation is the best defense. Aikido teaches practitioners to blend with the energy of an attack, turning it back on the attacker; thereby placing the person being attacked in a unique position of control. Students practicing Aikido take on the roles of attacker and defender. As attackers we are taught to safely receive Aikido techniques by properly falling and rolling away, instead of resisting. In fostering self protection Aikido cultivates:

  • A sense of readiness for the unexpected at all times

  • Increased interpersonal awareness through the cultivation of compassion for others

A Path of Life Long Learning

Aikido is not just an exercise work out. It is a path of self exploration. Even students practicing for brief periods of time report long term benefits of:

  • Personal feelings of well being

  • A deeper sense of wholeness, and interconnection

  • An expansion of consciousness through mindful action


The dojo is more than a physical space in which to practice. It is a community of individuals coming together in the pursuit of self exploration and the goal of making the world a better place. Lifelong connections are made here as we witness amazing changes in one another.