Why Other Parents Choose Aikido for Their Kids (And Why You Should, Too)

Parents—we know you are busy with housework and work and your kids’ school work. And we also know that your kids want to sign up for everything under the sun!

How do you know what activities would be worth your time and money?

At Emerald City Aikido, we hear a lot of positive feedback from other parents explaining why they have chosen our classes for their kids.

Discipline, Confidence, Respect

Some parents comment on how much the kids are learning. And this learning isn’t just about memorizing skills. It’s about how their kids are maturing and growing. Bete S. says about Emerald City Aikido: “What an amazing place.  Our kids have been training at this dojo for three years and have benefited immensely from their practice.  Discipline, positive self-defense, body & spatial awareness, the power of qi, confidence, and respect for themselves, others and the dojo are among the many great things they are learning.  Sensei Joanne and the other instructors have their highest respect.  It is wonderful to see my boys flourish in this supportive and positive environment.  I'm grateful that they have a community of caring people beyond their family and friends to help guide them through their teen years.  Emerald City Aikido has been a force for good in their lives that I think they will always carry with them.”

Patient and Kind Instructors

It takes a special kind of martial arts instructor to be able to teach a group of children. At Emerald City Aikido, our instructors have the right mix of patience and firmness to be able to effectively lead a class for kids. Steven says, “My son loves the classes! Instructors are wonderful and nurturing.”

Josh says, “My toddler is in the beginner’s class. Emerald City Aikido is an amazing environment with an incredibly compassionate and mindful approach. Sensei Joanne has an amazing ability to connect and effectively introduce the concepts and early skills to her young students.”

Robust Classes

Kids like to have fun. But pursuing fun is the not the end goal of life.  At Emerald City Aikido, the children enjoy their time at the dojo, but the enjoyment comes because they are working towards skills and goals.

Kristin says, “Their programs for children, beginning, and advanced adults are all exceptionally robust. Joanne Sensei and her entire community of students have always been an exceptionally gracious and welcoming community to practice with, but classes are also physically and mentally demanding in the very best way!"

Not In it for the Money

Scot tells the story of his search for a martial arts studio for his daughter:  “My daughter wanted to take a martial art of some sort, so I looked around at different arts appropriate for her age and temperament.  Aikido fit the bill and after doing some net research and visiting a few dojos I found this school [Emerald City Aikido] to be the one to my liking.  The head sensei is a very good teacher and has the patience needed to teach children.  The other instructors are just as patient and interested in teaching the art not making money.

The easiest way to find out if they are money oriented is to look at the advancement schedules and fees.  Many tae kwon do and karate schools have a billion different belt colors and degrees and they charge a lot for advancement.  This school has advancement fees, but they are modest.  Plus there aren't that many belts.”

Small Class Size

Scot also says, “The place is a little small…This actually is a huge benefit since they have smaller classes and give more attention to each student…I recommend them highly for children.”

We know that parents have tough decisions to make about their children’s activities and parents desire to choose the best for their kids. Since Emerald City Aikido opened 26 years ago, we have been privileged to come alongside many parents who have decided that aikido is the right fit. Is aikido the right fit for your children? Try a free class to find out! We look forward to meeting you and your children.